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Ascension Lutheran Church
Pastor Mark Boorsma
Administrative Assistant Georgia Wentzel
Bookkeeper Bookkeeping Cents
Gail Thurnau
Custodian Cherrie Schiltz
Get Acquainted with the Staff
This month you will get acquainted with your church secretary.  An interesting personal fact is that although I am new in this area, my paternal grandmother was born near Myrtle, MN.  She was married in Freeborn County to Lars Nielsen and as a young married couple in the early 1900’s my grandparents moved, homesteaded and raised their family of five including my dad, Lawrence, in northwestern North Dakota.  My dad always kept in close touch with his Minnesota cousins and as a consequence of that, we visited here several times and they also came to visit us in North Dakota.  

Much of my job is very transparent because you would very soon notice if the Sunday bulletins, newsletters, contribution statements, WELCA handbook, sign-up sheets and posters were not done in a timely manner.  Other job functions include answering the telephone, taking and relaying messages, assisting with the preparation of the Council meeting agendas and minutes, preparing council/committee packets for the monthly meeting, assisting in the preparation of Ascension’s annual report, updating address and telephone information, scanning bills to Bookkeeping Cents for payment, inputting contribution data, keeping adequate paper and office supplies, downloading the Sunday sermon to Ascension’s website when Larry Johnson is not available, greeting walk-in members and visitors, and the daily diverse duties that occur in an office.  The less tangible and behind the scenes work is my mission to provide effective communication between members and staff and create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to all who enter Ascension.  The Ascension office is very busy and I love never having to wonder what I will do next.  My twenty hours/week in the office just fly.  Ascension members and fellow staff members make my job at Ascension so enjoyable.  The office is very comfortable and efficient.  I feel very blessed to have the honor of being your secretary!     

                — Georgia Wentzel - Church Council

Get Acquainted with the Staff - Gail Thurnau
I am kicking off the “Get Acquainted with the Staff” notes for Ascension’s newsletter.  When I was in the sixth grade I decided that I wanted to be a church musician.  I was very much influenced by the young deaconess at our church who had just graduated from Valparaiso University with a church music degree.  She directed the children’s choir that I sang in and accompanied and was a very gifted organist.  Thanks to her inspiration and influence I have been able to follow my dreams and have been a church organist since I was in the ninth grade.  I started piano lessons when I was 5, organ lessons when I was 13, and studied church music as a student at Saint Olaf College.

You perhaps wonder how my week goes.  Monday mornings I start with studying the scripture readings for the following Sunday, or for the weeks and church season ahead.    I check to see what hymns the Worship and Music committee has selected for Sunday and then I select the hymns for the worship at Christ Episcopal Church where I also play the organ.  Then I choose the organ or piano selections appropriate for the Sunday theme and lectionary readings and prepare the information for the bulletins for each church.  During the week, I practice and do the organ registrations at each of the churches.

I am grateful that Christ Episcopal and Ascension Lutheran have been able to arrange their worship times on a trial basis so I can continue to play at both churches.  As an active and long-time member of the American Guild of Organists, I say “Soli Deo Gloria!”  To God Alone is the Glory!           — Gail Thurnau

Ascension Lutheran Church Council and Committee Members

Church Council:

Tim Samuelson - President                 David Jensen - Vice President

Keli Enser - Secretary                          Steve Flaa - Treasurer
Jodi Dietz                                              David Enser
Jerry Hickman                                      Phil Kohl

Education-Youth Committee          Discipleship and Social Ministry Committee   
*Joan Anderson                           Doris Guenthner                                        
*Keli Enser                                  Susan Hohansee                                                                                      
Andrea Ashley                             Alice Jensen                                                
Dianne Doppelhammer                 Vacancy                                                                                     
Michelle Cardona

Mutual Ministry                             2019 Synod Assembly
Paul Ehlers                                   Tim Samuelson
Doris Guenthner                           Jane Samuelson
Marilyn Danielsen                        

Property and Grounds Committee   Stewardship Committee                             
*Jerry Hickman                             *Steve Flaa                                              
*David Enser                                 *Phil Kohl                                        
Delmar Boyken                              Betty Helgerson                                              
Steve Guenthner                            Denise Sandager                                     
Nordean Krueger                            Julie Jensen                                                               

Worship and Music Committee        Audit Committee                                       
*David Jensen                               Lynda Everhard                                                          
*Jodi Dietz                                    LeAnn Knutson                                                    
Marilyn Danielsen                          Gerald Rasmusson                                             
Gayle Olson                                                                                                                                    
Irene Anderson                                                                                                       
Nominating Committee                   Personnel Committee                                                                                                               
Joan Anderson                               Vacancy             
David Enser                                   Keli Enser                                                           
Keli Enser                                      Phil Kohl                
Lynda Everhard                              Vacancy          

Scholarship Committee                   Endowment Fund Committee                                   
Assembly                                       Paul Ehlers
Keli Enser                                      Bill Danielsen                                                                     

Lola Evans                                     Dennis Everhard                                                                                                         
Nordean Krueger                            Tim Samuelson                                                                                                      
                                                     Chuck Sandager                                                         
St. John's Home Delegates              GEV Delegates                                                                         
Karen Flim                                     David Enser
LeAnn Knutson                               Keli Enser
Cliff Rask                                       Dennis Everhard                                     
Carol Rask                                     Lynda Everhard